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2008 Corporate Citizenship Report Released

The 2008 Office Depot Corporate Citizenship Report contains all the latest information about our Company's industry-leading environmental programs.

The comprehensive environmental section of the report includes a wide range of quantitative environmental performance data as well as descriptions of our main initiatives in North America and selected countries around the world.

Please click on the report cover to download a PDF of the Corporate Citizenship Report and learn how we have implemented programs in each area of our environmental strategy to: "increasingly buy green, be green and sell green."

To order a hard copy of the Corporate Citizenship report, please click here.

To view our Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G3 Content Index and Application Level Table, Grid & Icon, click here.

2008 - 2009 Green BookTM Catalog of Environmentally Preferable Products

2008-2009 Green Book

Office Depot's Fifth Green BookTM Catalog contains nearly 3000 environmentally preferable products and hundreds of tips and ideas for a "greener office".

The catalog is designed for Office Depot contract customers and eligible organizations that wish to be customers. It is a simple to use solution for anyone who wants to "go green" at the office.

To receive a printed version of this catalog, please click on the Green Book icon.

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